Move Out Information

To ensure a smooth move out, please follow the guidelines listed below:


• On your scheduled move out day, please return your apartment keys, bedroom keys, mailbox keys, fitness center keys to the office along with a completed Move Out Summary Form (available online or in the mail room) by 5:00pm. Keys returned after 5:00pm on the move-out date will be subject to a daily rent fee, which will be deducted from your deposit (if applicable) or charged back to you (please refer to your Lease).

Move Out Summary Form Completed

• Please be sure to complete the Move-Out Summary Form to be returned with all keys. If you are in a roommate situation, each roommate will be required to fill out a separate sheet.

Move Out Inspection

• An apartment pre-inspection will be performed approximately 1 – 2 weeks prior to your indicated move out date.  This pre-inspection will give you an idea of what charges may be assessed for any damages to your unit in advance of your move-out.  It will also allow you a chance to correct any damages noted during the pre-inspection prior to your move out date.

• If you are in a roommate situation (i.e. student housing) pre-inspections are completed on an apartment basis - not by individual bedrooms.

Unit Condition Expectations

• All furniture, debris and trash must be removed and placed in the appropriate dumpsters.

• There must be no damage to the apartment beyond normal wear and tear.

You are required to clean the apartment. This includes but is not limited to, the oven, refrigerator, bathroom tub, toilet, floors, cabinets, carpet (vacuum), and all counter tops.  If you have applied adhesive tape or stickers to windows, mirrors, shelving units, etc., these must be removed.

• Please DO NOT do anything to the walls in your unit (fill in picture holes, remove nails, etc.)  Our maintenance staff will handle any repairs, paint, cleaning of drip pans, and carpet cleaning. 


• You will receive any refund or deposit owed within 30-45 days of move out.